After finishing my first novel, I wasn’t sure what to expect from an editor. The idea of letting someone operate on this fragile thing I’d created seemed beyond intimidating, and it probably would have been had I not stumbled upon Sam early on in the process. She’s quick-witted, knowledgeable, and jam-packed with ideas. She highlighted my strengths and made amazing (oftentimes hilarious) suggestions about how to elevate the areas that still needed work. She has a keen eye for pacing, repetition, and bridging gaps in logic and continuity. I look forward to working with her on all my future projects.

Jude McKenna, author of the forthcoming novel The Eye of Atlas


Working with Sam was a joy. She was very professional and helped expand my story to fit the overall plot better. She found areas to strengthen the plot and even gave some suggestions for how to weave together a better storyline. Her feedback was invaluable. 

Ava Rani, author of the forthcoming novels The Spare and The Heir


Sam is amazing, and I was lucky enough to have her beta read my forthcoming novel. She was fast, found things I totally missed, and corrected my errors with good grace and humour. Her input was pure gold!

Claudia Brooke, author of Indomitable


I would most definitely recommend Sam for her amazing editing work! She’s incredible to work with, very professional, and at a price that I could afford to pay. I was expecting it to cost so much more for this level of quality and I am excited to continue working with her.

Ian Meadows


Sam has been (and will continue to be) phenomenal to work with. Her comments are thorough and precisely what you need to hear to elevate your story. With clear reasoning and a touch of humour, she was able to clean up my story and polish it so that I don’t even believe I wrote it. My fantasy novel has been trimmed down to be exactly what it needs to be to hook the reader in, prevent confusion, or get irritated with overused words and phrases. Hire her. You must.

Sarah Rose, author of the forthcoming novel The Guardians of the Aspis


Sam’s feedback is always of tremendous value… insightful, incisive, and frequently hilarious. She is as adept at hunting down logical fallacies in a narrative as she is at identifying pacing problems, overused phrases, and potential pitfalls of epic confusion. Highly recommended!

Chris Tullbane, author of The Many Travails of John Smith Series and The Murder of Crows Trilogy


Sam’s beta reads have an incredible eye for detail. Her comments are professional, yet highly entertaining. She is quick, thorough, and dependable. I wouldand dotrust any of my manuscripts in her capable hands.

Kerri Davidson, author of Soul’s Choice and co-author of The Winding Road Series 


Through a keen and unwavering eye, Sam was able to navigate nimbly through my meandering scribbles and not only make sense of them, but gift them with breath and life. Plus! After nearly a decade of misuse, I now finally know how the heck a semi-colon works, all thanks to Sam!

Hark! Ahoy! Films


Sam does incredible work. Words can’t even begin to describe how easy she is to work with, and how knowledgeable she is in her field. I highly recommend using Sam.

Spencer Shellborn

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