If you are new to editing, it can be difficult to determine what sort of edit your story needs. Does your story work at a fundamental level? Are you plagued by awkward sentences that are holding your story back?  I can help with all of this! In this section, you’ll find descriptions of the different kinds of services I offer to determine what level of editing your story needs.

*Note: All prices in USD. Please fill out my contact form for an exact quote.

Developmental Edit

Starts at $0.019 USD/word

THE BROAD STROKES EDIT. Assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, including the plot, characters, voice, point of view, dialogue, world-building, and conflicts.


Line Edit

Starts at $0.019 USD/word

THE NITTY-GRITTY EDIT. Focuses on improving tone, word choice, sentence structure, clarity, consistency, and dialogue while preserving your style and voice.

Manuscript Assessment

$0.01/word USD

An editorial letter detailing the major strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript.

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Also known as structural or substantive edit, this is usually the first step in the editing process. This is the big-picture edit of how your story works as a whole. Are there any loose story ends? Is there a plot hole so big your reader will fall in and never get out? Does your main character’s arc fall flat? Are the stakes high enough or do they fizzle?

A developmental edit looks at all story elements, including the all-important plot, world-building, and character development. Is the pacing consistent? Is conflict sustained? Does the story unfold in a logical order? Is every scene necessary, or can some be cut?

If this sounds overwhelming… don’t worry! A developmental edit is probably the largest edit you’ll take on. This is where you find the true shape of your story by cutting, rewriting, reshaping, and revamping. And I’m here to help every step of the way. Together, we’ll break down your story’s structure, and I’ll offer suggestions on how to revise, reorder, and expand material.

What this package includes: An extensive editorial letter with detailed feedback addressing all story elements. You’ll also receive your manuscript back with my suggestions using in-line comments. We’ll have a meeting before edits commence to address any questions, concerns, or areas you want me to pay close attention to. A post-edit meeting is also included. Additional rounds of revisions and meetings can be discussed in the quote.

Investment: Starts at $0.019 USD/word


Also known as a stylistic edit, this is usually the second step in the editing process once developmental edits are complete. As the name suggests, line edits delve into the story at the line-by-line level to ensure the language is sharp and clear. I’ll go over your manuscript, adjusting the length and structure of sentences and paragraphs. I’ll eliminate jargon and clichés, smooth over transitions, fix awkward language, and improve word choice. Your words will shine, and your unique style and voice will pop! 

(Please note that a line edit and a copy edit are not the same thing. While a line edit will address some spelling and grammar issues, a copy edit is reccomended afterward.)

What this package includes: Your manuscript with my line editing suggestions using in-line comments and Track Changes. We’ll have a meeting before edits commence to address any questions, concerns, or areas you want me to pay close attention to. A post-edit meeting is also included. Additional rounds of revisions and meetings can be discussed in the quote.

If a line edit is booked after a developmental edit, a discount will be applied to the line editing package.

Investment: Starts at $0.019 USD/word


This is a high-level overview of your story. It’s best for anyone still in the big-picture stage of self-editing who wants to know what’s working and what needs work. A manuscript assessment is also a great option if a developmental edit is out of your budget.

You’ll get feedback on plot, pacing, characterization, point of view, emotional agency, conflict, consistency issues, world-building, readability, tone, and more. Additionally, if you are looking for help in any specific area (e.g. plot, conflict, etc.) I can pay close attention to those areas. I’ll also give suggestions for where your next steps can take you. 

What’s included: An editorial letter between 4–8 pages. Up to two rounds of follow-up questions via email will also be provided.

Note: This is not a developmental edit. Changes will not be made to the manuscript; rather I am suggesting changes for you to carry out. A manuscript assessment does not take the place of a full, professional edit.

If a full developmental or line edit is booked afterward, a discount will be applied to the editing package.

Investment: $0.01 USD/word

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