Though only three decades have passed in Sam’s existence, she’s been writing for what seems like eons more. After toiling away at various manuscripts throughout the years, Sam realized the proverbial fleas in her proverbial writing cave were not able to give her the feedback she required. Thus, she sought another proverbial cave-dwelling author to exchange manuscripts with.

As she went to work critiquing said manuscript, she found her ability to notice even the most trivial of details—something she once thought of as a curse—was now highly useful. Even after Sam returned the manuscript, the experience stuck with her and she continued teaming up with fellow authors to help them on their publishing journeys.  

Then the pandemic struck, forcing Sam to reevaluate and reassess her ambitions. She decided to hone her editing skills, enrolling in Simon Fraser University to obtain an Editing Certificate. Now knowledgeable in what makes the heart of a story beat, she started Wise Cat Editing. Finally, Sam could fulfill her life-long dream of being the only terrible boss she’d ever deal with again.

Sam no longer dwells in a proverbial cave. Instead, she dwells in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, with two men (one of them of the feline variety covered entirely in hair, and the other one of the human variety and only mostly covered entirely in hair.)

Wild Cat Editing | Sam Helmer | Writer | Invermere

Pictured: The only decent photo of Sam in existence. She usually looks less like a human and more like a swamp cryptid.

Chief | The Wise Cat | Wise Cat Editing

Pictured: 14-time winner of World’s Most Handsome Cat™️ award.

Chief came under Sam’s care as an injured rescue cat. The details of his previous life remain a mystery that he would probably rather soon forget. After his wounds healed and his self-confidence returned, he wasted no time leveraging his extreme handsomeness to rise to power as supreme feline overlord. 

Armed with endless amounts of cattitude, he’s now living out his golden years in bliss. He’s asserted his dominance over most of the house, including what was formerly Sam’s office chair, a fact he neither cares about nor acknowledges.

When he’s not prudently advising Sam, he enjoys chasing the digital mice on computer screens, drinking out of the tap, and taking luxurious naps in the afternoon sun.


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