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You’ve finished your story. You’ve read through it so many times you can recite it in your sleep. But you have no idea where to go next. Is what you’re envisioning in your head translating properly to the page?

That’s where I come in! As a fresh pair of eyes, I can help you look at your story from a different perspective.

As a writer myself, I know how close to your heart your story can be. I also know how scary it is to be on the receiving end of feedback. As your editor, I will be respectful of your work while providing honest feedback. I’ll advocate and cheer on the parts of your story that are working  and offer my suggestions on areas where it can improve.

No two manuscripts are alike, so no two edits should be alike either. By working with me, you’ll be getting a personalized edit that best suits your story’s needs. Together as a team, we’ll bring out the best of your world and your characters. Your voice and vision will be preserved while making your prose shine. In the end, your story will be exactly the one that you intended to tell.

Whether you are looking to self-publish or wanting to take the traditional route, I have something to offer for everyone. Check out my “Services” page for more details. I adhere to all editing standards as set out by Editors Canada. I’m most comfortable editing manuscripts that fall under the umbrella of speculative fiction. However, if you have a story in a different genre and think we’d work well together, feel free to send me a message!

Wild Cat Editing | Sam Helmer | Writer | Invermere

Hi! I’m Sam. Writing and editing have been my passions since I can remember. 

I’ve been professionally editing and beta reading for over seven years, and I have obtained my Editing Certificate through Simon Fraser University. I am eager to collaborate with authors to help them enrich their stories. 

When I’m not writing or editing, I’m either enjoying the outdoors or cuddling my cat, Chief, the mascot of Wise Cat Editing.

I look forward to working with you!

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